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Mar 24

Life-changing Spider Vein Treatment Results: A Patient Testimonial

After years of debilitating pain and sleepless nights, a series of micro-injections (Sclerotherapy) yields dramatic relief in a matter of days.

“I am a 59 year old woman and I was referred to Dr. Olson after a series of problems with my legs. I had been returning to my primary care physician multiple times for about a year. My complaints were pain in my left leg, some tripping with my left leg, slower walking and episodes of large bruises on my thighs. This made my job as a physical therapist difficult, and sleeping became more difficult as well.

“My daughter’s wedding was one of the happiest days of my life, and I was able to enjoy it because I was pain free for the first time in years thanks to Dr. Olson and the wonderful staff at Milwaukie Vein Center.”

After a series of tests and specialist appointments that were unsuccessful, the decision was that it appeared to be my varicose veins. I was referred to Dr. Deanna Olson at Milwaukie Vein Center and began vein treatments.

“Our patient had several significant risk factors: She is a mother; she has a family history of vein problems; and she has a job that required extended time on her feet. If you have symptoms of venous disease, please ask your doctor for a referral. Virtually all insurance companies recognize venous disease a serious medical condition, and cover it accordingly.” Deanna K Olson, MD & Vein Specialist

Long before these problems I had pretty much accepted that I would have to live with what my grandmother and mother had lived with, as they had extensive varicose veins as well. I have had mine since middle school and my veins itched and at times burned and had for a long time. I have to say I was hopeful but not completely sure of how this would work when I started receiving vein treatments. I’m more of a “natural” person, not a cosmetic repair person at all. As it turns out, it is the best thing I have done. I’m in it for the long term results, and although not completely finished with these treatments as I have multiple sites/vein issues, I have excellent results already.


I’m a mother, a musician, a physical therapist and exercise enthusiast. After vein treatments, I can enjoy work and play pain free for the first time in decades. I’ve doubled my workouts and I’ve lost significant weight.

These Are Just A Few Of The Dramatic Results I’ve Experienced Since Starting Vein Treatments At Milwaukie Vein Center:

  • My leg pain and tripping are almost completely gone. While not a technical term, I would say my legs feel “lighter” and I didn’t even realize before that both legs had pain.
  • I have my “PT walk” back for work (a very fast paced walk to get from one area to another to see patients)
  • My performance on the treadmill has doubled, and my weight loss has increased
    - bruising on my thighs has completely stopped
  • The itching in the vein areas has decreased significantly
  • I have less overall fatigue, which I had no idea was a factor

My point? Vein treatments have worked so well that I am much healthier and in less pain. My quality of life has improved a great deal thanks to the treatments I have received from Dr. Deanna Olson!!

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