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Apr 10

Venous Reflux Disease Goes Deeper Than Varicose Veins

Former Freightliner factory foreman and outdoorsman now pain free after 20 years & living life to the fullest after treatment by Dr. Deanna Olson of Milwaukie Vein Center.


“I had constant pain and swelling in my legs and my doctors couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t sleep and I wasn’t able to enjoy the retirement I’d worked so hard for. Thanks to Dr. Olson, I’m able to do the things I love, pain free, for the first time in 20 years.”

Russell’s Story

I worked at Freightliner for over 30 years. I spent a lot of time on my feet and along the way, my legs started to ache, itch and burn. I felt a lot of pressure and restlessness in my legs at night and I had real trouble sleeping. I went to more than one doctor and tried anti-inflammatories, leg elevation, tub soaks and compression socks. Nothing worked until I went to Dr. Olson. She found that I had bad valves in my leg veins. In less than a week after being treated by Dr. Olson, I felt better than I had in years. I really do feel like I have a whole new lease on life. I would recommend Dr. Olson to anyone.”

Russell & Wife

“My wife and I split time between Sandy, Oregon and Alaska where we love to hunt and fish — and only our friends can find us! I worked at Freightliner for over 30 years. But I spent a lot of time on my feet and along the way, my legs started to ache, itch and burn. I felt a lot of pressure and restlessness in my legs at night and I had real trouble sleeping. Now I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. Hiking and hunting, or spending a long day on a fishing boat are effortless.”

Russell Fishing

Dr Deanna Olson on Russell’s Treatment

Russell’s situation was somewhat unique. He had all the discomfort associated with Venous Reflux Disease (the underlying medical condition that usually manifests as varicose veins and sometimes ulcers). However, given his chronic discomfort and the swelling and spider veins around his ankles, I felt it likely that he had a deeper problem.

Using ultrasound-guided diagnosis, we determined that Russell suffered from venous reflux in his superficial saphenous system. I treated Russell in a 40-minute, out-patient procedure, using Radiofrequency Ablation technology. A thin catheter was inserted into the vein, heating the diseased vein from the inside out, sealing the vein shut. This stops blood flow from pooling back in the veins and brings FAST relief from painful symptoms. It also increased blood flow to the veins deeper in the leg, increasing healthy circulation.

What You Need To Know About Venous Disease

Varicose and spider veins are both symptoms of venous reflux disease. Many people don’t realize that 43 percent of men will develop venous disease by the time they reach their 60s. If symptoms of venous disease are keeping you from realizing your productive potential we urge you to visit us for a fast and painless ultrasound diagnosis. Though often considered a cosmetic nuisance, venous disease can result in increasingly serious sympoms and health problems. That’s why treatment of venous disease is covered by most Insurance Plans.


“I became interested in becoming a surgeon at a very early age, and that commitment has driven my academic and professional life since my earliest days of schooling. I’ve practiced General Surgery in the greater Portland, OR area since 1991. I purchased and moved into my current clinic across from Providence Milwaukie Hospital in 1996. I am an active participant in the Providence Cancer Center Breast Program that emphasizes multi-specialty collaborative care, meeting national specifications and standards. I am also a regular contributor to the Annual International Phlebology Conference which draws experts on venous disease from around the world.”

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