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Medical Staff

Cindy Zerfing-Hattan, ST

Cindy-Zerfing-Hattan,-STCindy is a certified Surgical Technologist. She is very skilled, competent and friendly. Cindy’s professionalism has been greatly appreciated in the eight years she has worked with Dr. Olson.’




Tenetia Rutherford, RVT

Tenetia-Rutherford-RVTTenetia is a board certified and registered sonographer who performs complete testing of both venous and arterial disease on all patients in 30 — 60 minutes during a regular office visit. She provides clinical expertise in the areas of Aorta/Illiac Duplex, Venous Duplex, Renal Artery Duplex, Vein Mapping and Segmental Pressures with Treadmill just to name a few.

Tenetia’s expertise allows Dr Olson to diagnose and treat disease at its earliest stages. By creating accurate and easily obtainable ABI (Anke-brachial Index), TBI (Toe-brachial Index), and PVR (Pulse Volume recording), the single best screening for cardiovascular disease, Dr Olson is able to assess the quality and quantity of blood flow and determine whether medical or surgery treatment is necessary.

Tenetia and her staff pride themselves in putting patients at ease. Working as a team, Dr Olson and Tenetia perform superior diagnosis and treatment of virtually any vein disorder. Tenetia is co-owner of Vascular Vision of Portland, Oregon with her husband Abdul Rutherford.

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